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By using her own personal experiences, Tanya focuses on the causes, recognition and effective coping skills necessary to manage stress, depression and anxiety.  Her presentation is stimulating and guides the audience through the process of turning mental illness into mental health.  Tanya emphasizes the significance of proper self-care in achieving and sustaining an optimal quality of life.


Tanya encourages her audience to recognize and acknowledge their personal struggles, in order to avoid overload and/or a mental health breakdown.  Tanya is a certified life coach who helps others help themselves by providing tools for heightened mental clarity and awareness.  She empowers her clients to remain disciplined and focused so they will reach their ultimate goal of optimum mental health.

Public Speaking:

Intimate Partner Violence speaker for 10 years

Keynote speaker for the With Hope Foundation: Helping Others Prevent SUICIDE thru Education; Yorba Linda, CA

Shared her story with the students of a Homicide/ Suicide Psychology class at The University California, Irvine

Keynote speaker for the doctors of  Mission South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach, CA

On a quarterly basis, Tanya encourages and empowers patients in the outpatient program at Mission South Coast Medical Center, Laguna Beach, CA

Shared her personal story at The Compass book launch in Dallas, TX.


Consulting with Universities, victims of domestic violence and shelters for battered women for ten years.

Life coaching individuals since 2001.

Offers resources to survivors of domestic violence and those suffering from mental illness.

The Pentagon has invited Tanya to address the Civilians and Military on Turning Mental Illness into Mental Health.

National Alliance of Mental Illness: NAMI Maryland.

Ross Szabo of The National Mental Health Awareness Campaign ( to gain insight on the world of Mental Health.

Teens who suffer from, or need information, on depression and anxiety

Ambassador of the Blue Ribbon; Who I Am Makes A Difference Campaign; Encinitas, CA

Guiding Mindful Change: Employee Wellness Coaching (EWC); San Diego, CA.


Launched to empower people to come forward and talk about and release their emotional challenges.

Run/Walk Honorary Chair for the National Alliance of Mental Illness: NAMI Maryland.

Participating in the With Hope Foundation’s efforts to prevent teen suicide.

Currently creating a digital learning program (DVD and Manual) that offers tools for self-care; including: Stress Management, Mindful-Based Stress Reduction, Cognitive Restructuring; Time Management; Goal Setting

Contributing author of Stepping Stones to Success: an Anthology book to be released early 2010.

Currently completing Tanya’s personal story. (Working Title: I Snapped!)


Personally survived a mental breakdown - An experience that forced her to do the self-work necessary for survival.

Co-founder of The Nicole Brown Foundation established in 1995 to educate communities on Relationship Violence Prevention

Created life skills coaching format to enlighten, encourage and motivate individuals to take responsibility for their actions, get out of self-blame; be accountable to themselves and to find inner peace and acceptance.

Started public speaking and life coaching business.


Domestic Violence Counselor; August 23, 1997
Domestic Violence Court Advocate; March 19, 1997
Certified Life Management Coach; March 25, 2001
Trained by Blue Shield of America on: What to do When Domestic Violence Comes to the Workplace;
November 11, 2002


Argosy University, Orange County, CA
B.A., Counseling Psychology - Emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Graduated Magna Cum-Laude

Argosy University, Orange County, CA
In Process: M.A., Counseling Psychology - Emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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“As a professor in the Master’s Program, I taught a class on Domestic Violence and invited Tanya as a guest speaker. The class said that Tanya’s talk was the best thing about the class aside from the role plays.

She has a great presence that is non-threatening and energetic at the same time. She is very knowledgeable on the topic and taught the class a lot. The class came away with the idea that intimate partner abuse can happen to anyone and that it is important to make your own emotional and physical safety a priority.”

Julie Olson, Ph.D.
Argosy University, Masters of Psychology Program

“Dear Tanya:
I hope that you remember me, I met you in a grad group session at Second Step Human Options shelter.

You were very kind and helped me with your coaching skills. Out of the many things that you taught me, I still use several! On May 2002, I obtained my AA Degree and transferred to UCI where I just got my BA in Spanish Literature this past March. I couldn’t stop there, because On May 13th, I just started working on my Masters Degree in Counseling (MFT).

I can’t believe that I had accomplished so much. Time has gone very fast! But there is one thing that I will never forget! That is, all of my angels that helped me through this hard path! You were one of them. Thank you very much for helping me! For believing in me!

I am still a single mother - stronger and happier than ever - enjoying acquiring knowledge, and also enjoying my wonderful, most valuable treasure, my daughter!"

Take care, Alejandra

“Tanya has helped me reorganize my perception of experience with my wife losing her memory. I no longer despair over what has been lost, but rather anticipate, with eagerness and hope, what can yet be. Tanya has shown me that if I am always looking at the past, I turn my back on the future. Hence, I was blind to change. Hope rather than depression, now guides me. Her wisdom, and her warmth have forever altered me.”

Newport Beach, CA

“I am very proud of the excellent work that you are doing in your community. With your commitment to domestic violence research and assistance, significant progress has been achieved. Thanks to you, victims of domestic violence have more options and safe havens to turn to in times of need.”

Loretta Sanchez
Member of Congress

“Everyone felt more than just tears. It’s time to get involved!”

Del Mar Times
Del Mar, CA

“Tanya’s message was not only well perceived by our women students, but our male students as well. She sticks to the facts and the issues of domestic violence and does not come across as a male basher.”

Tim Susick
Dean for Student Development, California University of Pennsylvania

“Tanya captivated her audience as they sat on the edge of their seats. She projects such passion and exudes enthusiasm. I was so impressed with her ability to spread the word about domestic violence and saving lives, emotionally as well as physically. She filled her presentation with examples, grounded knowledge about her subject matter, and genuine concern for all victims. Tanya used no script, but rather some notes. She truly does speak from the heart. This is why she is so powerful and persuasive. Victims everywhere will benefit from her words.”

Tracy M. Prior
Deputy District Attorney
Family Protection Division
Vista, CA

“Your personal style and warmth radiates. It is apparent that you care about people. Many people in attendance were inspired by your passion.”

Laura Paciorek

I had the pleasure of witnessing Tanya Brown give a speech on Mental Health and Awareness at the With Hope Foundation Fundraiser and Fashion Show in Yorba Linda, CA.  Tanya is a dynamic and compelling speaker.  Her personal experience with the subject matter helps bring her message across.   She has the ability to hold an audience and make a listener feel her experience. Tanya gets her message across.   

Ernie Castello
Independent Media Contractor
City of Irvine, CA

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